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  "For those among us who decry the lack of good lyrics and yearn for the talents of a Porter, Carmichael or Mercer, take heart, there are lyricists out there of considerable talent. ... Case in point, a CD we've just listened to:  Byron Walls - Calm, Cool & Collected."

Bob Agnew

Selection: "Cool, Calm
& Collected"
by Byron Walls

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  When asked what he would have you know about him, Byron said:

“Tell them I love to perform. Nothing brings me more pleasure than sharing my songs and stories with an audience.

I was a singer and lover of good songs before I ever tried to write one. In fact I was 30 when I wrote my first song. My songwriting mentors range from Gilbert and Sullivan, Johnny Mercer, and Rogers and Hart to John Prine and Tom T. Hall."
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  "I recently had a special opportunity to catch Byron Walls' act at the Cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  ... It proved to be an entertaining and powerful show."

Trish Ostroski

"...Walls is funny, hip, defiant, world weary, sardonic and even hopeful, but mostly cool and witty."

Dave Nathan


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