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Byron at the Cinegrill in Hollywood

  On August 11, 2001, Byron Walls performed his show, "Live at the Cinegrill."

Click on the links below and, courtesy YOU TUBE, you can enjoy excerpts from Byron's Cinegrill show, soon to be released in full on DVD.
North Beach in the 60s

Meeting Louis Armstrong

My Home Town

More North Beach

"A cross between Roger Miller
and Garrison Keeler"


T H E   H O U S E   C O N C E R T
One of Byron's favorite performing venues these days is the "house concert."

A house concert is a semiformal
performance in someone's home where they invite 15 -30 friends  over to hear a favorite performer do a 90 minute show in their living room, den, patio, .... wherever they can fit them. 

During the intermission light refreshments are served and a hat is passed for donations (usually $10 or $15) for the performer and the refreshments.

It is that simple.  It is a wonderful concept that has really taken off all over the country.



  Click the thumbnails on the right to view:

1) a letter to Byron from Comedienne, PHYLLIS DILLER

2) a letter from RHODE ISLAND STATE SENATOR JOHN PATTERSON, written after seeing a performance by Byron Walls

3) an interview with Byron Walls in the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN
Phyllis Diller
Senator Patterson
Nashville Tennessean


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