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Byron Walls in Studio
  John Pisano (guitar) and I first met in the early 70s when he was dating a friend of mine and working as Peggy Lee's musical director.

We wrote a song for her called, "Congratulations, You Lose", (a song she never did, alas).  

We hadn't seen each other for years so it was great to reconnect.
"Next To You"
by Byron Walls

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  Don Heckman, jazz critic for the LA Times, once called John, "One of the world's great accompanists." 

I first heard him with the Chico Hamilton Quintet at the Jazz Workshop in San Francisco in the early 60s. 

John backed up Dianna Krall on her "live" Paris album a few years ago.
John Pisano
I was honored to have the great Chuck Berghoffer on bass.

I figured if he was good enough for Sinatra, Streisand and Joni Mitchell, he was good enough for me.


Chuck Berghoffer


John Ferraro

John Ferraro.

His credits include George Benson, David Benoitt,
Barry Manilow.

Trumpet/flugelhorn:  Warren Lunning.
Warren played behind Tony Bennett, Barbra Striesand, Johnny Mathis. 

Playing with these guys, every moment in the studio was a joy.


Warren Lunning


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